Theme: Second Wind / Deuxième souffle
A Celebration of 20 years of Contemplative Outreach in Ontario
1996 – 2016

You are invited to this joyful celebration!
It has been a long time since we got together. So, prostate let’s change that.
We hope to see people from all three regions: Southwestern, Central and Eastern.
Come to reflect and refresh, to deepen our wisdom.
Come to shape the future of Contemplative Outreach in Ontario
Guest Speakers: Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler, Executive Director of Contemplative Outreach Limited,and Father Carl Arico, member of the Governing Board.
Take time to:
Find stillness, pray, walk the labyrinth
Explore the beautiful grounds of the Monastery, a walking distance from the Falls.
Silent Auction with items from Carolyn Gratton, including her lovely Chinese coffee table and two leather green ottomans.
Lots of pieces from all over the world.

Please promote this within your groups. Poster
Contact information:
Marie-Noëlle Maillard, 416 769-6278,

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