When we use our sacred word, we repeatedly consent to the presence and action of God within. But how does the presence and action of God actually manifest? The Oct 29th silent day will offer liturgy and periods of Centering Prayer, as well as teaching and time for reflection. We will consider how God's presence and action might manifest in our experiences- and lack of experiences- during and outside our periods of Centering Prayer.

In the morning's teaching, we will pay attention to what happens during Centering Prayer, including distractions and blessings, the unloading of the unconscious, and differences between psychological and spiritual experiences in prayer. Reflection questions will be provided to deepen our understanding of where God is for us in the process of Centering Prayer. The questions may be used with journalling, visual art or movement expressions.  
 In the afternoon, the teaching will address the fruits of the spirit that are noticed outside of the times of Centering Prayer. We will also talk about the role of spiritual direction (or spiritual guidance, or soul friending, as it is also called) in increasing our awareness of God's presence and action. There will be some time for participants to share and reflect with a group member-  questions will be provided to start the conversation.
As always, all activities are optional and the day will be cradled in silence.